Why BHMS? Let’s Get to the The Heart of the Matter

Take a look at an article Renette wrote in 2012 to answer: Why BHMS?

As School Director I meet with prospective parents.  This is a very important part of our admissions process as it provides parents with an opportunity to ask more in-depth questions about our programs, staff, mission and vision.  I am often faced with the question, “what is different about Bishop Hamilton” or “why Bishop Hamilton versus another private school?”

I have been faced with this question since joining the BHMS team and have to admit that while this seems like an easy enough question, I have struggled with the response.  How does one effectively communicate what our program attempts to achieve?  How do I begin to share the benefits of a BHMS education with parents in a meaningful way?  Sure, I give the usual answers: “we are one of three CCMA Accredited Schools and are the only Christian Montessori School in Ottawa.  BHMS has experienced faculty with an average tenure of ten years. Our enriched science and music programs are evidenced by our elaborate musical productions and student awards in regional and national science fairs.  Our low teacher to student ratio enables us deliver effective core French instruction”.  While all of the above are true, they do not come close to capturing our core objectives; Bishop Hamilton is so much more.  How does one begin to communicate to parents in a meaningful way without inundating them with unnecessary detail?  How do we get to the heart of the matter? 

Where words fail, art speaks; we needed to paint a picture by illustrating the outcomes of a BHMS education. You have all seen the beautiful work of art in our front lobby (created on behalf by Katsumi Idogawa), titled Portrait of a Graduate.  This work of art illustrates the skills and attributes that BHMS students can develop when parents, teachers, and the School work collaboratively to foster the development of their child’s academic, social, emotional, and spiritual development.  The art illustrates the interconnected relationship between the School, parent, teacher and child.  The outcome of this relationship is our Portrait of a Graduate, consisting of 15 skills and attributes. 

When I am now asked by prospective parents why BHMS, my response is Portrait of a Graduate.  We are more than a school who is developing academically prepared students.  We, in partnership with parents work together to develop well rounded caring and compassionate human beings with skills and attributes to meet the challenges that life has in store for them. 

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