Bishop Hamilton Graduate Celebration 2021

Congratulations to Our Graduates 2021

The best part of the year is watching each Bishop Hamilton graduate go out into the world. Graduation is a time to celebrate everything they’ve learned during their time at Bishop Hamilton. The 2021 graduation was no exception. Not even a pandemic can overshadow these amazing graduates’ accomplishments.

Meet the Bishop Hamilton Graduates

Arden Blair, Bishop Hamilton GraduateArden Blair, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2021)


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

“I remember when I first started at Bishop Hamilton, I was very nervous. But the teachers were always very helpful. They always told me, ‘If you ever need anyone to talk to, I am here.’ I’ve never forgotten that kindness and warmth. It will always be a special memory for me. 

Junior High was the coolest class in the school. We went on a five day canoe trip, a Montreal/Quebec trip, and a bike trip. The canoe trip is a great way to bond with other classmates and experience new things. My favourite part about the trip was cooking the meals since it was different from at home. 

Now as my time has come to say goodbye, I wish all the best to the students returning, the students arriving, and the teachers.”

Jessica Wu, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2021)

Jessica Wu, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2021)

“This is a moment that I always thought was far away because I loved being at this school and never thought about graduation. Now that I am graduating, I feel as if time went by so fast. I still remember worrying about graduating Casa, and now I’m graduating from eighth grade.

My teachers were very patient with me when I didn’t understand something. I really am thankful for that. They were protection and comfort for me, when I was not with my parents I knew that teachers were still there and I could always rely on them. So thank you very much to all my teachers. You’ve changed my life in so many ways. I even considered being a teacher at one point. 

Thank you to my parents and friends. I would like to thank my parents for choosing this school. My friends showed me a different side of myself. They helped build my personality and make me more independent. High school will be a whole new adventure. I hope I can make some good friends and do well in my studies.”

Alexander Daccash, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2021)Alexander Daccash, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2021)


“Through all my years at Bishop Hamilton Montessori School, my teachers always told me the same thing. ‘Slow down!’ But you know what wasn’t slow? My time at Bishop Hamilton. This school has helped shape the person I’ve become in so many ways.

My first memory at this school isn’t the best memory, but I cherish it nonetheless. It was my first week here and my parents urged me to sign up for the ‘Hot Lunch Program.’ On the first day, they gave me a burger, with vegetables in it. My child brain EXPLODED! Vegetables inside a burger; this shall not stand.

From Willow to Red Oak

I’m a very shy person so it was hard to make new friends. In grade 2, one of my best friends to this day came to the school. Denali and I shared our love for video games. I made some friendships in Willow but none were as strong as that one.

Red Oak did kind of hit like a truck though. We started having a lot more fun when learning. With the influx in field trips, we went to places like the YMCA for our first ever sleepover camp. We also went to Montreal, where we went to a restaurant and had to order our food en français. At Bishop Hamilton, we also participated in so many different plays, concerts, musicals, including French cafes. One of the most memorable french cafes for me was when I played the Sun King. I did ballet in front of the entire school.

Junior High Trips

Moving into Junior High, I was mega excited. My friends in Junior talked about how much fun stuff they got to do like canoe trips, bike trips, trips to Montreal. We had our canoe trip during the first couple of weeks of school. It was hard work but so much fun. I haven’t ever done anything like that before. Junior High also put us in charge of a lot of the school activities. That really strengthened our leadership and teamwork skills.

Final Remarks

Rupa, thank you for being one of the best science teachers I could ever have asked for. Madame Robard, thank you for teaching me so much about french ‘même si je n’ai pas toujours été le meilleur élève.’ Mr. Desjardins, even though I wasn’t in your class for too long, thank you for teaching me. Mr. MacKay and Ms. Flindall, thank you for being such amazing teachers in general, and people we could come to for help and support. Finally, to Mrs. Sasouni too, thank you for everything.”

Alexander Daccash, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2021)Emily Ye, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2021)


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou 

“Bishop Hamilton Montessori School taught me about how to manage my time and be productive. They also taught me about confidence in presentations. The Junior High trips are also interesting. Not only do you get to experience all the nature things and have fun, you get to learn new skills for the future. Although I have only been here for 2 years, I will never forget the experiences here.”

Congratulations to each Bishop Hamilton graduate!

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