Bishop Hamilton Graduates 2023

Congratulations to Our Graduating Class of 2023!

You did it graduates 2023! With all your hard work and dedication you are now graduates of Bishop Hamilton Montessori School. We are proud of our graduates and want to congratulate each one of you as you embark on your new adventures. 

Meet the Bishop Hamilton Graduates

Adam Ahmed-Osman, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2023)

My time here at BHMS has been very memorable. The first time I came to BHMS, I was in grade 3 and I was terrified to go into the classroom. I was sitting in the hallway with my mom and Mrs. Armand came to me and said “It’s alright, you will be fine” and then brought me into the classroom. As soon as I went into the classroom, I was a bit astonished to see a room with big maps, circular tables, and a lot of materials. I immediately realized that the school is really different from the public school. The teachers in Red Oak were great. They taught me all of the things that I didn’t know, such as writing in cursive, learning musical notes, and using Montessori tools.  In Junior High, I became more independent and became more organized. We did some field trips and other fun stuff. We did a lot of great activities such as the Marketplace, the music concerts and the Montreal and the Quebec City trips. The bike trip was a great experience for me since it allowed me to see new things, and learn to work as a team while also learning how to be a team leader. 

Merci à mon professeur de français pour m’avoir encouragé à parler plus le français et pour les sorties. J’ai approfondi ma culture générale sur l’histoire de la France et du nouveau monde. 

My experience at BHMS has been memorable. The memories I have made are wonderful and I will cherish them forever. I would like to thank my teachers for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to grow as a person and I will forever be grateful for the amazing experience I had at BHMS.  I have also made amazing friends that have supported me throughout my time at BHMS. I will forever be grateful for them and hope to stay in touch with them throughout our high school journey.

Regan Blair, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2023)

“Je m’appelle Regan. Je suis arrivé dans cette école quand j’avais 4 ans. I have been in this school for 9 years. During those 9 years, I have made close friends that I hope I can stay in touch with in the future. I enjoyed the class trips and made a lot of memories and learned a lot. The trips were experiences that I will never forget. I did not think I would be able to get up the Westport hill on the bike trip, but I did and I surprised myself. All of the class trips made me learn that I can push myself to my limits. I would like to thank my teachers for supporting me and helping me throughout the school years. I would also like to thank my friends for making so many fun memories that I will never forget, and my family for supporting me.” 

Thomas Bryan, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2023)

“I have attended BHMS for 12 years, joining the school when I was two years old in the Toddler program and now graduating from Junior High. I remember one of my first days at the school, walking up to a tiny kid named Matei, and he became my friend. He still is my friend to this day. This is just one of the examples of all of the lifelong friends with teachers and fellow students. I also have so many unforgettable memories and experiences. As I’ve progressed through the different classes in the school, the world around me has changed and so have I. The school atmosphere enabled and encouraged me to grow mentally, physically, as well as spiritually. What I loved about the classes at BHMS was the flexibility and responsibility given to the students to choose and plan what you wanted to work on and when you would work on it. I also enjoyed all of the different activities we got to do, both in class, or 300 kms away by bike. The teachers and volunteers have always made learning enjoyable.

Le programme de français m’a également été très bénéfique. Cela m’a donné les compétences et la motivation nécessaire pour continuer à apprendre des langues différentes.

As I am beginning another chapter in my life at West Carleton High School, I feel prepared to take on the challenges that lie ahead. When I was younger, I’d always look up to the Junior Highs and think: “Wow! Maybe one day I’ll graduate.” But what if I didn’t graduate? My whole life would be different. Everybody wants to know what would happen if I didn’t graduate. I guess we’ll never know.”

Matei Ceapchi, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2023)

“I’ve been going to BHMS since before I can even remember. My first memories, and some of my best memories have been at this school. You know, I remember when I was a toddler I was sitting alone outside, nervous to talk to others, but then a kid sat next to me and we started to talk and have fun. His name was Thomas. Turns out he’s still my friend to this very day. This is one of the many connections and friendships I’ve made at this school that will last a lifetime. To me, it’s clear that BHMS has prepared me for the future and shaped me into who I am today. I thought that at this time in my life I would be scared to go to High School, but instead, using what I was taught during my time in BHMS, I know I will be ready for whatever challenges come my way. I’m very grateful for the experiences I’ve had here. I guess when you think about it, going to this school is a huge privilege. Instead of going to a normal public school, my parents gave me the gift of going to a school where I would be taught by excellent teachers, and be able to go on amazing class trips. The canoe and especially the bike trip taught me to push myself and keep going when things get tough. 

Mais, Madame Robard m’a appris à travers le voyage à Montréal et à Québec comment être plus indépendant. Bien sûr, elle l’a fait tout en nous enseignant un excellent français. Finally, I would like to thank all of my teachers throughout the years, Mrs. Sasouni, and of course my parents. Although I will be leaving the school, the lessons and adventures I’ve had here will always be a part of me.”

Hudson Claypool, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2023)

“I joined this school about a month into the year, and I didn’t know anyone in the class. I still remember being introduced to Matei and having him guide me through the first day. Little did I know that I would be coming back to the school, and becoming great friends with him, and all the other guys in the class. I really appreciated my time at this school, because of countless fun activities such as the trips, but even the small things like making soap, that I would never have been able to do at a public school. Thank you to all the teachers for the great instruction and making me feel a part of the class. 

Et un grand merci à Madame Robard pour le voyage à la ville de Québec.

And to quote Diego Maradona, “When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.” 

Kianna Estabrooks, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2023)


“Mon nom est Kianna et j’ai 14 ans. 

I’ve been at BHMS since the first year in Casa until now. This school has taught me so much; I have learned important life skills and academics that will equip me for the future. The bike trip taught me how to be independent by letting us cook our own meals and setting up tents. Biking 320 kilometers for five days along with 500 kilometers of training was certainly not easy, but I learned to persevere and overcome many obstacles. I would like to thank Ms. Flindall, Mr. MacKay, Ms. Cooper, Mme Robard, Mr. Vesna, and Mr. McKendry for being devoted and hardworking teachers. I am also grateful for my parents for driving me to school every day, and actively participating in school events. 

BHMS has provided me with so many opportunities and valuable experiences that I will never forget. I have made many close friends that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. I am very grateful that I was able to go to BHMS for the past 11 years.  Merci d’avoir écouté mon discours.” 

Neve Lawler-Chisholm, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2023)


My name is Neve. I have been at the school for 11 years, since first year Casa. Throughout the years I have made memories and great friends. I will always remember my friends and classmates and will miss everyone in high school. I would like to thank my teachers Ms. Flindall and Mr. Mackay for teaching me so much and giving us such great experiences. 

Je remercie également mes autres professeurs Ms. Cooper, Madame Robard, Mr. Vesna, et Mr. McKendry. Je sens qu’ils m’ont tous préparé pour le lycée.

Some of the most memorable things were the trips which I enjoyed, like the bike trip, canoe trip and Quebec trip (especially the bike trip and Middleshire suites). During the trips we got to know our classmates and we learned many skills like cooking, strength, endurance, group work and independence.  Lastly, I would like to thank my family for supporting me through the years. 

Milena Tinca, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2023)

“Je m’appelle Milena. Je suis à l’école Bishop Hamilton Montessori depuis près de 10 ans. 

I first came to this school when I was 3 and a half. I have made many memories and close friends who I hope to keep in touch with and will never forget. Some of my most memorable experiences were the class trips. I enjoyed the bike trip, most of all, where we got to stay at Middleshire Suites after days of biking. On all of the trips I had the opportunity to experience and learn valuable lessons that I would not have learned or experienced in any other school. 

I would like to thank my teachers for teaching me lessons that I will always remember. And I would also like to thank my family and friends for supporting me in these 10 years at this school.” 

Andrew J. Wang, Bishop Hamilton Graduate (2023)

“When I came to BHMS in grade 2 I wasn’t sure on what to expect. It was my first time at a school with the Montessori system. I was distant at first but I soon made some friends. It has been 7 years since I have come to this school, and I have learned a lot. I feel prepared for high school next year not only academically, but also emotionally. Being at BHMS has taught me a lot, and the unique trips were an interesting experience that I will carry with me throughout high school. The bike trip especially taught me patience and to push myself when things got tough. I would like to thank Miss Cooper for being a great music teacher, Mme Robard de m’avoir beaucoup appris sur le français et d’être de bonne humeur tout le temps, Mr Vesna for having engaging workshops, Mr McKendry for being an awesome and fun teacher, Mrs Sasouni for always being joyful and lifting the mood, and finally, Mr Mackay and Miss Flindal; for being amazing teachers that I am grateful to have gotten during my time in BHMS. I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout my time in BHMS and paying my tuition, even though I could have just gone to a public school and the money used for other things. Even though I had some struggles, I can’t wait to go to high school next year, but part of me is going to miss BHMS.  Although I am leaving the school, I will not forget all that it has taught me.”

Congratulations to each Bishop Hamilton graduate!

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