Cinderella and Her Abnormally Large Feet

A Junior High Presentation.

There are many benefits of preparing a production.

Did you know? Junior High students prepared a live-action version of ‘Cinderella and Her Abnormally Large Feet’.   There are so many benefits of preparing a production and everyone plays an important role from set design, lighting, sound, costumes and acting.

Confidence, Concentration & Communication

1. Drama builds confidence

Even the shyest of children build up their self-esteem and before long they are confident to take a full and active part in the performance. A few weeks is all it takes.

2. Drama helps concentration

In every rehearsal, cast and crew are encouraged to listen to each other’s ideas and thoughts and to take turns. These activities allow students to recognize the value of concentration; a skill that is vital in the world outside their home.

3. Drama helps develop language and communication skills

Actors are encouraged to express themselves both verbally and through facial expression and body language; the key to better communicators.

Cooperation, Understanding the World & Emotional Intelligence

4. Drama encourages children to cooperate
Success in performances requires many individuals to do a small job, which eventually all come together to create something magical.

5. Drama helps children to understand the world around them                Drama explores a range of different themes and introduce children to a variety of real and imaginary situations, sparking their interest in the world in which they live and making them more inquisitive young people.

6. Drama develops emotional intelligence
By encouraging actors to ‘act out’, and respond to a range of emotions in the safe and supportive environment, students are better able to understand their feelings and develop empathy for others.

Assists Physical Development & Creativity

7. Drama assists physical development
Drama requires participants to be acutely aware of their movements, as even using a different hand to do a simple task can make a big difference in the performance

8. Drama develops creativity
Creative people can view things in new ways and from different perspectives. They can think on their feet and generate new ideas. Encouraging improvisation and pretend play encourages the development of creativity as cast members lead the direction of the drama themselves, come up with solutions to problems in role, and respond imaginatively to a range of pretend situations.

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