Montessori Thrives for Over a Century

Montessori Celebration Week: February 21-25.

The World Celebrates Montessori Education Week

Each year, schools all over the world celebrate Montessori Education Week the last week in February. This is our opportunity to join other Montessori schools around the world and celebrate an educational approach that has stood the test of time.

How exciting it is when children have the opportunity to experience a Montessori education. Maria Montessori said, “If young people are to meet the challenges of survival that face them today, it is imperative that they develop to the fullest extent possible their potential for creativity, initiative, independence, inner discipline, and self-confidence. This is the central focus of Montessori education.” This quote is reflective of BHMS’ Portrait of a Graduate.

Why Montessori?

For more than a century, Montessori has been thriving around the globe, and contemporary research validates the effectiveness of the Montessori Method.  Several key elements of the approach meet the educational goals today’s parents have for their children, including growing into capable people who will be have a strong sense of self, the ability to connect with others, and the potential to be productive throughout their lives. With Montessori, that growth starts early. The early years (birth through age 6) are a critical time to set a strong foundation for who a child will become and the role she or he will play in the future. Source: American Montessori Society

Children can become amazing adults. Check out this 3-minute video titled: “Why Montessori?”  Find out how! 

Webinars of Interest

In celebration of Montessori Week, check out these webinars of various topics:

February 23, 2022: Thrive Montessori: How To Really Know Your Child: Observation and Transformation for Preschool Parents (free)

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